Blue Balls – Innovative, Chic & Modern Furniture Design by Animi Causa

@flakhound was ranting and raving about wanting ‘blue balls’ and I couldn’t even begin to fathom why anyone, especially FlakHound would want blue balls. Perhaps his girlfriend was a bit too much for him, I will never know. It took a few hours of listening to his rant before he dropped a link and I completely understood what he was talking about. It wasn’t the metaphorical blue ball syndrome of pre-teen jokes, but rather innovate furniture design by Animi Causa.


I’m not usually a fan of high priced, designer furniture, but come on. Giant foam balls with stretch fabric that you can mold into any position imaginable? It’s worth any price tag. Furniture that’s fun is something hard to create, but Animi Causa has shown that’s its possible to invent such a comfortable and enjoyable piece of furniture. Check out their online store if you want to purchase it, and make sure to check out their homepage for more information about their design studio.

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