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Bancs Voiles / Sails Park Benches by Les Ateliers Guyon

Ready for some industrial design inspiration? Check out the Sails Park Benches by Les Ateliers Guyon. The benches are part of an installation for the city of Verchères, Canada. The benches are aptly located along the bank of the St. Lawrence River. I’m impressed by the construction of the benches and how design studio Les Ateliers Guyon managed to make the installation seem as if the benches were truly sailboats on the water. An interesting idea came to me when staring at the benches; each of the wooden slats that make up the sail boat could be replaced with solar panels. They would be more durable than wood and could provide electricity to nearby streetlamps as well as act as charging stations.

Les ateliers Guyon


Industrial design


About the project:

Located Vercheres, a small village near Montreal, this monument pays tribute to the original founders of the city who arrived by wind and water in the region in 1740. Walkers can then sit on the park benches and relive the history of Vercheres in its infancy.

Done only by people of the village, it also pays tribute to today’s artisans continue the art of their ancestors to make good things.

White oak used in this project also refers to the wood used by the people of the 18th century for the construction of boats.

Project Information

DESIGN ET FABRICATION: Les Ateliers Guyon / WELDING: Soudure Richer / WOOD: Chaloupes Verchères
RÉALISATION: Les Ateliers Guyon
CLIENT: City of Verchères
PHOTO: Les Ateliers Guyon
CONTACT: 514.802.1236 / [email protected]

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