Anti System: Repurposing for the Resistance

Remembering the hype in New York last holiday season on the evening news about the repurposed newspaper and envelope wallets… totes, handbags, etc. Why use old newspaper when you could use a skateboard? I think the obvious answer is it’s lighter, and less bulky as a wallet, but no, not skateboard wallets. Skateboard notebooks, or Sk8 Notebooks, Sk8 Notebook Minis, and Sk8 Shoulder Bags, all designed by Anti System.


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The notebooks were an incredible idea. And while the shoulder bags lend themselves to a particular taste in style (just like the paper envelope wallets), they certainly are unique, not to mention durable. While it is small, the hard shell cover does offer some flexibility for bulk with its hinges, not like a hard shell suitcase, and certainly more stylish than the average fanny-pack.

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Should Sk8 Shoulder Bags not suit your fashion interests, Sk8 Notebooks and Sk8 Notebook Minis also incorporate the skateboard shells but are, as the name states, notebooks. More of a concealed weapon of sorts in comparison to the shoulder bag I suppose? Some especially beautiful designs on the notebooks, like these:

anti-7-11212130106382 anti-7-21212130106402

anti-8-11212130070527 anti-9-11212129861338

anti-9-21212129861367 anti-9-31212161214296


And at a smaller and slimmer scale, if you’re still feeling more of the newspaper wallet style, Anti System offers an international substitute to the New York Times, using pages of Japanese newspapers, laminated, with a strap. Even smaller? There are also card cases.

news-1-11226584960202 news-5-11226585949725-1

news-1-21226584960316 news-5-21226585949809

news-1-31226584960413 news-5-31226585949887


All of these products by Anti System are handmade, but they’re so loved they seem to all be sold out on Tokyocube! Unfortunately, most information on Anti System Products is in Japanese, their main website redirects to here where more unique pieces can be found.

[All product images from Tokyocube]

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