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So I was messing around the internet was I was passed this link. Video Games, specifically open world sandbox type games, have a notion of external architecture, but little to no internal architecture. Basically you see the outside to a lot of buildings, but you either aren’t allowed inside of them or into only some of them. One marketing bullet point on the game True Crime: Streets of NY that extolled the game on being larger than any before it by having at least one building a block be enterable.

This is a five minute video demo, no sound, of a new set of algorithms by Marco Corbetta and Miragoli Gianluca that creates buildings with complete destructible interiors. The video itself also has word overs explaining details of the system.

Following the link are two other quick demo videos showing the behind the scenes architecture of the program. With game systems and PC’s pushing the limits of what the next technically impressive thing, here are two people who do something much more impressive and remove another stopgap to the uncanny valley of game worlds using less than state of the art tech. That deserves a look, no?

Link: http://createdigitalmotion.com/2009/06/18/ever-woke-up-in-a-procedurally-generated-city/

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