Overlooked & Underated Games: Penumbra Overture

There are quite a few games out there which have been given bad (or at least somewhat bad) ratings by some of the more prominent game sites out there. With some of the lower ratings some titles never even reach the ears of some gamers.

But low ratings isn’t the only reason for some games being overlooked, some games are merely overlooked because they’re not by some of the larger game developers.

One such overlooked game was one I played last year; Penumbra Overture. At the most basic level the game is an adventure game, where it really shines is through its puzzles. Many of the puzzles are physics based which, coupled with the games physics engine, really helps to immerse you into the game.

Penumbra Overture is a more traditional adventure game in the sense that it doesn’t push fighting too much, rather it pushes using your brain to get around situations. While there are certain ‘enemies’ that will hinder your progress you don’t always have to beat them down to progress (Although you can if you want…) This is a welcome change if, like me, you’ve tend to stick to violent games.

The story, in a nutshell, is about a man who receives a letter from his dead father instructing him not to find him, but the main character decides to anyway. He finds a hatch in the middle of a frozen tundra and ventures inside… (And then strange crap starts happening…Oh and it’s dark, always so damn dark)

The game itself is described as a psychological horror, which it definitely is, If you’re the type who get’s freaked out by games that is…

For more information, as well as trailers, check out the official game site: http://www.penumbra-overture.com/

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