Metallica and Guitar Hero?

Metallica has only recently embraced the music video game genre, such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, as a medium for their music, but now that they have they have gone the whole way. First it was only their classic single “One” for Guitar Hero III and a little later “Enter Sandman” for Rock Band. They followed that up with a downloadable Rock Band track pack including the blistering “Blackened,” the melodic “Ride the Lightning” and seemingly never ending “…And Justice for All.”

That was last year. This year they’ve gone even further. It started with news of an Activision filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stating that they were going to be releasing several titles with the Guitar Hero name in the 2009 fiscal year. That begins April 1st 2008 and ends March 31st 2009. Don’t ask, I don’t get it either. Among them was Guitar Hero: Metallica, most likely in the same vein as Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Later confirmed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.  At the same event, Harmonix released the Rock Band 2 track list to the public. On it was Metallica’s “Battery.”

This Friday, to coincide with their new album, “Death Magnetic” hitting store shelves, the whole thing will be available for download for Guitar Hero III. Now we knew this already, but here’s the new information. It will be forward compatible with Guitar Hero: World Tour. I remember reading earlier that it would be available for download for both games and as separate entities. Either that was an error or Activision decided to get their act together. I hope the latter, meaning we’ll continue to get good decisions from them.

“Death Magnetic” will be released September 12th for store bought copies and Guitar Hero downloads. 1440 Microsoft Points on the 360 and $17.99 on the Playstation 3.

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