Today I Die

Indie Game Spotlight is the hopefull to continue being weekly feature where I will highlight an independent game that deserves attention. Given the difficutly these developers have in being heard, every little bit helps. Some will be free, some may cost money, but they are deserving of some attention.

This game is a relatively older one, as far as I can tell it came out back in April. Created by Daneil Benmergui with music by Hernan Rozenwasser, Today I Die is another art game. Again, not a bad thing, as the feelings the game tries to evoke in the player is part of the enjoyment.

Today I Die defies normal video game genres and conventions. If I had to liken it to something I;d call it a descendant of point and click adventure games. Your mouse pointer is your only means of interaction. You are given no instructions beyond “Click Here to Start.” The only words are the shot three line poem that takes up part of the screen. It’s a puzzle game that embraces its simplicity, in both mechanics and art design.

Today I Die

Design wise it runs with the idea of giving you no instructions and instead allows you to explore and with a few simple aesthetic choices is able to guide you to what you are suppose to do. It’s not long and can be finished in under five minutes, but that would be missing the point. It’s a game not so much about beating it as experiencing it.

After playing it, you can follow the link to where you can download it for free or donate some money. You need Flash and can play it in your broswer here:

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