How to Market Your Indie Game With No Budget

zero-budget-indie-marketing-guideDespite what the title might suggest I do not have the answer. I have no made a game nor do I market them. Yet.

What I do have is a link to an article that explains what can be done. Most games live or die on their marketing. In fact I’d say all games do so, including the big budget AAA titles. Ever hear about Bionic Commando? No … exactly my point. If you did, did you know it came out weeks ago? No .. exactly my point. If you said yes to both questions then I say the reboot not the remake for Xbox Live and if that wasn’t what you were talking about then get out of here, you’re spoiling my point.

Quality can only get you so far. There is no point in making that bedroom masterpiece if no one knows it exists. Rodain “Nandrew” Joubert wirtes a splended 4 page article on how to do just that. Let people know it exists in a meaningful way. The biggest point being that Game Journalists are your friends and want to know about your game, because they have an awful lot of space to fill up. So send them copies for consideration, make deals for exclusive videos or screenshots. (*Hint*Hint*)

Anyway here’s the link:

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