Now That’s Unique! Handmade Leather Clothing by GiPsy Dharma

Bespoke clothing started making a comeback in late 2011; I think it’s safe to say that hand-tailored clothing is now officially here to stay. As people move away from mass-market clothing designed for sales, they find themselves looking for clothing that suits their personalities. Clothing doesn’t make the woman, but it definitely does enhance her image.


I came across GiPsy Dharma clothing by chance. The individually owned company focuses on unique, handmade, leather clothing and footwear. What’s great about the designer is their commitment to the product they offer:

“…my goal is to share my passion for simplicity and comfort of walking barefoot. Leather boots, featuring an easy access zip on the inner leg and laces that allow you to tighten each accordingly to make them look and feel ideal. The sole was intentionally made from a very flexible and long lasting material to ensure that you could walk in these boots for hours or dance the night away and your precious feet will never get tired!”


The new footwear collection utilizes leather so that the items feel like a ‘second-skin’ while you use them. After all, no shoes will ever come close to being as good as your feet. On a slightly related note, GiPsy Dharma clothing would be a great addition to anyone who particpates in LARP events or does any sort of cosplay at comic book, video game, or anime conventions.


If you’re interested in keeping up with their hand-tailored clothing, follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page, or check out their fashion videos on Vimeo!

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