Stella McCartney vs. Zara 2011 Fall Collection Preview

Ah! Here we go. This is more like it.  Zara features well-fitted outfits which neither hang nor envelope. With only a few simple hints at modernisation and an impressive ability to leave things alone, Zara has hit the mark with these similar styles in a true ready-to-wear fashion that won’t leave you feeling like you fell straight off a drawing board into the wrong party.

Ohhh, now I see it! It was a woman wearing it all along!

Fitted without being revealing, these styles are classy and luxurious and the perfect style for Fall. One could argue that the Stella collection was aimed at older women, but when both your site models are young and thin, you don’t get to make those kind of assumptions.

Below are a few fine pieces that are great for covering up this season without leaving you feeling like you dragged your quilt off the bed with you this morning.


Stella McCartney’s Autumn Collection: [Link]

Zara’s Storefront: [Link]

You know, or you could just hit up the charity shops and pick up most of these styles for a few quid.

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