Paradise Circus – A Marriage of Fashion and the Carnival

We live in an age where instagram filters qualify as artist representations of individuality; it’s disgusting really. I vehemently disagree with Andy Warhol’s notion that mass produced art would take us to the next creative level. I came across a series of work entitled Paradise Circus, and it gave me a mental pause. Paradise Circus was a fashion photography produced by photographer Nikolaus Gruenwald for Institute Magazine. It features Model Anh Phuong of @seedsmanagement with styling by Sigi Bretter / @lesartists, hair by Stephan Mall, and make-Up: Suzana Santalab / @nudeagency

What struck me about this project, was that I immediately drew an aesthetic similarity between each of this pictures, and something that I would find on instagram. Each picture looks as if it’s been altered with something you’d find in their photo editing program but that’s only looking at the surface. Each picture offers a candid view into private world. By blurring each of the pictures it’s almost as if each one announces “I want you to know that I have secrets but I do not want you know what they are.” This is a far cry from what social networks like Instagram promote, that is the idea that you should share private moments with the world. Paradise Circus shares the moment, but then puts up a barrier preventing you from feeling as if you’re entitled to it.

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I’m impressed, regardless of whether or not this was the artist’s intention. This work takes our online social landscape and reverses it, letting us start to regain that sense of privacy (a feeling many of us have forgotten).

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More about Nikolaus Gruenwald Photography
Location: J Stuttgart, Germany
Bio: Nikolaus Gruenwald found himself in the legal profession while passionately taking photographs on the side. But over time, his talents overtook the comfort and convenience of a predictable career. So he jumped ship and dove head first into photography. The outcome was spectacular.

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