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The Nymphs / Fashion Photography Shoot for Prestige Hong Kong Magazine

Where there is money, there is art. In order to find great examples of contemporary artwork we don’t need to look any further than Southeast Asia. Today I’m happy to bring you the work of fashion photographer Brendan Zhang; more specifically I’d like to share his work done for Prestige Magazine.

prestige Hong Kong fashion

Prestige is Hong Kong’s first celebrity, society and luxury-lifestyle magazine, Prestige Hong Kong is a glamorous, award-winning mix of showbiz, fashion, culture, travel, high society and epicurean excellence. What’s interesting about this particular photo shoot is the use of Caucasian models, instead of Asian ones. What’s telling about this is that the Chinese economy has grown so robust, we are now the “ethnic” outsiders that they want as models. Gone are the days of the fetish–zation of Asia by the West; now it’s our turn. The use of traditional flower prints adorning these models reinforces Asian cultural dominance over its Western counterparts.

prestige Hong Kong fashion photography

The spread is beautiful; though it uses extravagant imagery it manages never to delve into the realm of gaudy. If I could relate this to anything, it would definitely be the Great Gatsby. Luxurious parties, fancy shirts, beautiful women. But much like the Great Gatsby, it’s a tale of the failed American economic dream. Something guaranteed to befall any major economy that only sets its sights on growth instead of its people.

prestige fashion

Hong Kong fashion



You can find Brendan’s editorial and commercial work here: http://www.brendanzhang.com/

More about Prestige Magazine:
Our world-exclusive interviews with movie stars, celebrities and the world’s movers and shakers are not only talked about, but make the news. We also get exclusive access to the most prestigious events. More than celebrity and status, Prestige Hong Kong means luxury and leisure, style, culture, cachet and a passion for pleasure. With our award-winning editors and international writers, we provide original, compelling content that comments and advises on good taste and all aspects of the good lif

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