New York Fashion Week Day 3 Recap

A lot of the images currently on the MB Fashion site aren’t working right now so I can’t do so much on the several designers whose work isn’t currently accessible. I was going to wait until the pretty dresses popped up later and give you a ridiculously late article but then I thought why? I don’t care.

So, day 3 of the New York Fashion Week draws inexplicably on and on with loads more designers showing their new Spring collections. What can I say? That is a lot of clothes. Enough to fit in two or three or maybe even four wardrobes. At some point I think the designers expect people to wear these items out to work or to lunch and I don’t think all of them properly thought this through.


Monique Lhullier

Monique Lhullier started the day with a live steam and then showed later in the evening. She had some amazing things to look at. Hers was a collection of mostly dresses, including some amazing evening dresses made out of messy-printed fabrics. The best of these was the white and blue dress shown below of ink being poured into water, cut in ultra-formal style.


Pink Tartan

Kimberly Newport-Mimran was the third designer of the day and her collection was pretty retro. A few of her dresses looked like they were taken straight from the 60s and others were just tweaks of older designs. Sometimes I don’t understand why anybody bothers buying new clothes anymore. I think the only piece that was different was the jacket and short pants look shown below, and that is quite ugly. I was also left with the worry that somebody might really try to bring shiny trousers back.


When I saw the models in jerseys and baggy sleeves I didn’t think I’d like this collection at all and as I rifled through, a few of the pieces were downright ugly. However, the more I look at these outfits and the more I keep scrolling back and forth, the more they’re starting to grow on me. I actually like the idea of being able to wear something as practical and sporty like the whatever-sporty-thing-this-is as casual wear.

Pairing a blazer with shorts should never be acceptable though.


It just doesn’t make sense to put that much see-through material into an outfit you’re expecting someone to wear outside. Still, silly catwalk rabble aside, the ADAM spring collection is great if you don’t need to work or do anything practical. It seems like it would be perfect for lazing around your inexplicable beach-front house and spending forty minutes picking out watermelons. Or going to bed.


Well, that about wraps it up for day 3 of the New York Fashion Week. That was pretty interesting. Boy, do I really love looking at all those clothes. All those adjective-adjective-adjective clothes. I wonder what amazing new things they’re going to do with skirts and shirts next.

Check back for more articles. Maybe tomorrow we’ll see some hats too! That’d be neat.


NY Fashion Week, 11th

Katya Leonovich
Lela Rose
Derek Lam
Tracy Reese
Diane Von Furstenberg
Jen Kao
Custo Barcelona
Tommy Hilfiger
Timo Weiland




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