Le petit Cartable – Honest Initial Impressions

My friends are in love with Kickstarter, me not so much. There are tons of great ideas, but rarely anything priced accordingly (A lot of creative’s aren’t financial analysts so that’s to expect). There are also tons of projects and it’s hard to tell what’s worth the money and what isn’t. There are great projects that never get funded and of course projects that aren’t even unique but are still hyped up and funded successfully. While perusing the product design section I came across “Le petit cartable: a leather messenger bag for iDevices”. Looked cool enough in the screenshots and then I saw the $390 price tag; the big question then became: is this worth your money? Here is my honest review of their leather messenger bag from France.


Does it really fill a niche?

No, there are plenty of plenty of messenger bags that target iPad & Macbook audience. It’s an attractive addition to the marketplace, but it doesn’t do anything earth-shattering or uniquely innovative.

Is it worth the money?

In terms of quality I have complete confidence that the materials & craftsmanship are nothing short of excellent. The bags are made of calfskin leather, velvet, aluminum TUCS & cotton and each material is worth its weight (literally). Yet no matter how you look at it, the bag is over-priced. I understand the bag is from “France” but the price does not factor in shipping, taxes, etc. Because a bag is from the traditional epicenter of the fashion world does not mean a bag is worth the price. There are far too many products in this niche that offer similar quality at lower prices.


Is there any competition?

There are plenty of alternatives to this bag. Knomo Kilkenny has iPad & Macbook Pro specific laptop cases and Le Donne offers a unique vertical style messenger bag which fits an iPad and MacBook Air along with whatever note taking items you need to carry. (Why anyone carries a notepad and an IPad at the same time is beyond me. You’re only going to take notes in one of them)


Who should buy this bag?

Anyone who already owns all the aforementioned products (iPad, Mac Book Pro, iPod, etc) but doesn’t want to be caught dead wearing a recognizable brand. This bag is also great for people who use their fashion as conversation starters and you can go on for hours about how you have a custom bag from France and that you contributed to its success in the marketplace. If you live in Williamsburg, SoHo, or Portland then you’ll fall in love with this. Also, anyone who is bored with their money and enjoys luxury items should check this bag out.

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