Women as Objects: ‘Gold’ A Decadent Fashion Film by Gustavo Lopez Mañas

There are few things in this world that I would say are ‘King Midas Approved’, but ‘Gold’, a fashion film by Gustavo Lopez Mañas is definitely one of them. ‘Gold’ is a personal fashion film dedicated to everything that is gold: its color, look, feel, and sheer decadence of it.

As a minimalist guy myself, I tend to shy away from artwork that is over-indulgent; however, despite my aesthetic inclinations, I find Gold to be a wonderful celebration of the coveted metal. The use of materials, lighting, camera effects and model all work together in objectifying our relationship with gold. Sadly, therein lies my main concern with this work. The use of a female model as the focal point of this fashion film suggests that the woman is just an object to be coveted, much like the gold adorning her body.


    Gold is readily associated as a material that people want to have. Everyone wants gold, we wear it, buy stocks around it, and balance entire economies off of it. When you bathe a woman in gold for the sake of celebrating it, you’ve turned her into an object worth LESS than the gold she is displaying. Is the woman valuable because of the gold adorning her? The film seems to unintentionally suggest so by revealing the model’s natural face at the end.


    I sincerely doubt that Gustavo considered this misrepresentation of women while creating this fashion film, but that unintended negligence displays a problem still facing the art industry: its use of women as objects. I appreciate the level of skill, teamwork, and effort involved in creating this film. I do wish that Gustavo, as well as other contemporary artists, would be willing to put more thought into their work and consider (if briefly) the ramifications once their work reaches the public eye.
    It would have been easy for Gustavo to use a male model instead; and the more radical alternative would have been foregoing models altogether. While this might seem hard at first, there have been a number of contemporary artists who have worked with liquids and effects to create equally stunning works.


The film stars rising model Patrycja Gacka (of Trend Models) with hair by Yoshi Yamamoto, make up by Rafit Noy, and manicures by Agostina Benda,

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