Artist Quick Look: Emilie Leger, Katarzyna Madej, Atelier Feral, and Jennifer Hom

Freditor is away at space camp this week so no one wants to do any work. Since I’m the responsible one, I figured I might as well make a minor effort. Coming up – flybys! I’ll be sharing with you a bunch of my favourite artists, little yummy taste testers of goodness. Maybe also some stuff from submissions that I haven’t looked at yet.

Emilie Leger

Emilie Leger is pretty under-appreciated, but I love this artist. A Canada-based graphic designer and illustrator, she creates images for books, albums and aesthetics. Her works are so fluid and dreamy and bright and noisy and everything. Like a gift basket, she packs so much good stuff into her pieces. I can just stare at her art for ages, drinking in all those colours and losing myself in the amount of detail she puts in.


Katarzyna Madej 

So you can tell how good an artist will be by how hard heir name is to pronounce. What is it with everyone having really cool names? Do they pick them out when they become artists? Are they stage names? Well, whatever. Katarzyna Madej goes by the alias Domirine and creates all her art for funsies. That’s probably why so much of it is fanart from games that I conveniently also like to play. Her stuff is fun and effortlessly fabulous. I love her sketchy brush style. If you like Skyrim, you’ll love her stuff.domirine

Atelier Feral

The Feral Workshop is full of the most rich, luxurious and frikken awesome costume makers you’ll ever come across. Pure class, these guys are definitely professionals and it’s visible in every curve, stitch and embellishment in their pieces. I adore their leatherworks, especially the masks and helms. It’s nice to look at things you’ll never be able to afford, but these guys make my teeny tiny heart ache.

Jennifer Hom

Warm, cosy and colourful, illustrator Jennifer Hom paints pictures that pour straight out of a fairytale. Her artwork is so reminiscent of my favourite books and stories as a child that I get all nostalgic when I look at it. She’s got plenty of different styles in her portfolio and all of them are so lovely. I had trouble picking an image to show here, so I definitely recommend you go browse her work yourself.

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