Divided Perception by High Fashion Photographer Emily Soto

High fashion photography can be a hit-or-miss affair; sometimes the photo-shoot produces amazing pieces of art, and other times you get things like….this.

Luckily today we have some great new work from photographer Emily Soto entitled Divided Perceptions. This photo shoot was for Xquisit fashion magazine and features model Model Stephanie Pearson(FORD models), hair stylist& MUA Kim Young, and stylist Rachel Pollen.

High Fashion Photography - Emily Soto

What first caught my eye about the work was the use of chain mail as headgear; the relationship between the model, makeup, and clothing suggest that inspiration was drawn from Ottoman Empire’s imperialism.


The tunic the model wears as well as the jewelry she adorns is heavily reminiscent of the Persian empire’s expansion and cultural influence that is still seen today. The use of chain mail here instantly reminded me of the armor used by the Sipahi, the Ottoman Empire’s cavalry corps.

Other pictures in this photo-shoot show the continued trend of using imperialistic societies as fashion inspiration. The use of bones, specifically horns & antlers lend itself towards Mongolian conquerors of the past (remember, they dominated everyone and everything).

High Fashion Photography - Emily Soto

High Fashion Photography - Emily Soto

If you’re interested in seeing more of Emily’s work please visit her website, like her page on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

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