The Triumph of Form

The Triumph of Form / Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Modeling photography is usually a hit-or-miss affair when it comes to success. The majority of fashion photography which utilizes models does so in a way that completely removes any level of agency from the model (whether it be a man or woman) and treats the model as a posable clothes hanger whose purpose is to be controlled by the art director. Recently I came across an artistic duo that takes models and uses them to create fantastic imagery where the models are at the center of attention, not the clothing. Those artists are photographer Andrey Yakovlev & art director Lili Aleeva. Recently I came across their project The Triumph of Form which is possible one of the most well done examples of fine art photography. Each picture is lush and filled with character and color; the composition of each shot left me in disbelief that these were photographs and not paintings. Moreover, I appreciate Lili’s art direction which pays homage to earlier Russian art periods through the use of color and clothing.

Take a look at the images below and enjoy the work as much as I did!

Artist Information

Photographer: Andrey Yakovlev
Art director: Lili Aleeva
Models: Sofia S, Anastasia V, Alla A (MD models)
Make-up: Natalia Bondarchuk
Hair style: Oxana Zavarzina, Anton Dimitriev
Style: Aidar Sakhapov
Client: Boutigue

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