8 Holiday Outfit Ideas For Men – The CF Guide To Holiday Dressing

It’s Christmas time everyone, and that means giving, sharing, and spending quality time with the people you love. As if. The holiday season will be marked by corporate holiday parties, dinners with in-laws, city dates with people you met on Tinder and generally trying to avoid the insane consumer spirit that manages to engulf all of us. That being said, it’s probably important that you at least have the right clothes for the right occasions during the Holidays. We’re here to help give you some festive fashion inspiration:

The “It’s Only an Ugly Sweater if the Person Wearing it is Ugly” look

Mens Ugly Sweater
Perfect for the upstart business consultant looking to showcase how ‘in touch’ he is with the rest of the office while still being the best looking guy in the group. Via Landsend

The “I Should Totally Buy ANOTHER Boat” look

Mens Holiday Outfit
Perfect for the Brooklyn based artist who missed out on the beard movement. Via Barbour

The “Corporate Dad Who Would Rather Be With his Mistress Instead of His Kids” look

Mens Holiday Outfit
Perfect for the man who has all of the money, but none of the love (for his family of course). Via H&M.

The “Notice How Everything I Wear Makes You Focus on My Beard” look

Mens Holiday Outfit
Perfect for the New York Creative Director who wants to look like his employees that have stayed up all night doing his work. Via Club Monaco

The “mysterious and enigmatic foreign traveler Faux Fur” look

Mens Holiday Outfit
Perfect for the foreigner from some European country (though he’ll never specify) looking to woo someone with tales of rolling grassy hills and foods that there are no words for in American. Via Zara

The “Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Coats So I Put a Coat Over a Coat” look

Mens Holiday Outfit
This outfit is perfect for any man that likes to wear RayBans while being completely ignorant of proper clothing layering methods in the winter. via Gant

The “I’m All Business Up Top and Party Below” look

Mens Holiday Outfit
Perfect for the stylish guy who is too cool to wear anything holiday related above belt level but secretly craves attention. He just wants you to notice him :(. Via Brooks Brothers

The “Look at How Adventurous I Am Based on My Casual Saturday Outfits and My Vintage but Hella’ Expensive Truck” Look

Perfect for the guy who secretly dreams of one day being rugged enough to deserve a Husky puppy. But seriously, look at that poor dog, he doesn’t even understand how his master can be so lame. Via Ralph Lauren.

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