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MoMA German Expressionism

“From E. L. Kirchner to Max Beckmann, artists associated with German Expressionism in the early decades of the twentieth century took up printmaking with a collective dedication and fervor virtually unparalleled in the history of art.”

Event: German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse

Date: March 27–July 11, 2011
Where: The Museum of Modern Art
MoMA is located in midtown Manhattan, New York City, at 11 West Fifty-third Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues.

Sunday March 27, the MoMA unleashed a German Expressionism exhibition on the public.  The exhibition, called German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse, features 250 works of art by over 30 different artists! It is sure to be a worth while event and I cannot wait to attend it myself (I’ve already begun buying tickets for my family).

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The works featured are mostly from the Die Bruke, which the founding members, Fritz Bleyl (1880–1966), Erich Heckel (1883–1970), Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

(1880–1938) and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1884–1976), should all be in attendance of. Although, I am hoping (fingers crossed) to see The Lord’s Prayer, woodcuts by H. M. Pechstein, which I must say are amazing, as well as many of the works of Beckmann, which are also some of my absolute favorites.

German Expressionism in and of itself was a style developed out of raw emotion, using emotion to carve out and sculpt images instead of drawing the image in a standard fashion. It’s the release of all this emotion that creates the surreal  nature of this style.  If you are in the NYC area I definitely recommend you attend, I know I will.

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