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Your Shot at the 2012 VIEW AWARD Contest

The 2012 VIEW AWARD’s are ready to come out in full! Breaking free from its international tradition, the 2012 VIEW AWARD’s are opening up their doors to new themes, subjects, and a wider audience of contestants!

Now, I am sure you are wondering about the 2012 VIEW AWARD categories? Well don’t get your knickers (or panties) in a bunch, I have them all set out for you right here:

The Best Short

Ah yes, while the time honored tradition of gawking at the “vertically challenged” has long since passed, this tall standing award will look to honor the most outstanding, the most incredible short movie created in either 2D, 3D digital animation, or live footage with digital visual effects. Motion Capture Data is optional but can be used for animation! Please remember: Keep film duration to 30 minutes or less.

How entries will be judged:

Technical Excellence

The 2011 VIEW AWARD Best Short Winner:

“De Riz ou d’Arménie”

by  Hélène Marchal, Samy Barras, Romain Blondelle, Céline Seille, della scuola Supinfocom Valenciennes

Best Environment Design

This award is not to be confused with “environmentally friendly design” but rather the award will give props to the best environment created with digital techniques:

Entirely 3D or a mix of 3D graphics and digital matte painting techniques.
Depiction of an interior or an exterior environment.
The 3D modeling, rendering and digital painting can be created with any 2D, 3D or digital painting software. However, keep in mind, the environment must be complete with surface appearance, painted or textured.

How entries will be judged:

Technical Excellence
Architectural Value

The 2011 VIEW AWARD Best Environment Design Winner:

“La Détente”

by Pierre DUcos & Bertrand Bey

Best Character

This award will be given to the best of the best 3D digital character modeled for either an animated short film or for a videogame that has some sort of inherent personality. The character can be created with any software you so desire that is used for 3D graphics.

How entries will be judged:

Technical Excellence
Character’s Personality

 The 2011 VIEW AWARD Best Character Winner:

“A Morning Stroll”

by Grant Orchard, Studio AKA

Best Digital Visual Effects

The final award in this list (drum roll please) is for the best Digital Visual Effects sequence used in a CG animated or live-action short film. The VFX may be created with any software that could ever conceivably be used for 3D graphics and compositing.

How entries will be judged:

Technical Excellence
Coherence with the narrative structure of the short

The 2011 VIEW AWARD Best Digital Visual Effects Winner:

“Paths of Hate”

by Damian Nenow-Platige Image

The Almighty Rules and Regulations:

What would a contest be without rules and regulations? Please adhere to the following lest your entry becomes yet another bug on the windshield of life:

All entries must be received by September 15, 2012
All entries must have been completed from 2011 to 2012 to be eligible
Duration: maximum length is 30 minutes
Both individual and group projects are accepted
All entries should be submitted on DVD
Video: PAL 16/9
Audio: MPEG2 Stereo and be ready for screening
N.B. Submitted media will not be returned
Submitted work must be accompanied by some Hi-Res screenshots of your project and a Hi-Res photo of the director
Submitted work must be accompanied by a completed entry form, containing original signature of the person entering VIEW AWARD competition
All entries must provide written authorization for any copyrighted material included in the work


What is a contest without prizes? Hmmm? Winners of the 2012 VIEW AWARD contest will receive prizes in the form of:

Cash (Euro’s)
Paid internships
Entry Forms

You can choose either PDF format or Word.doc format:


Where do I send my entry form?

Send entries and inquiries to:

VIEW Conference
Corso Marconi, 38
10125 Turin, Italy
Office phone: +39 011 66 80 948
Fax: +39 011 65 0 12 14
[email protected] 

Additional Information

If you have made an animated short with 3D animation and VFX in the last 2 years, feel free to send it in; just fill the entry form and send it to us.

And Good Luck: you may become the winner of 2012 VIEW AWARD!

About VIEW Conference and VIEW Award

VIEW Conference is the premiere international event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 3D Animation, Gaming, and VFX.

VIEW 2012, from 16th to 19th October in Torino, will continue to focus on exploring the increasingly fluid boundary between real and digital worlds. Through lectures, meetings, tributes, exhibits, screenings and demo presentations VIEW will reveal the new digital frontier sweeping from cinema to architecture, from automotive design to advertisement, from medicine to videogames.


*Random Legal Junk So You Don’t Sue Us – We are not associated with VIEW Conference, and are not to be held liable in any way, shape, or form. We are not responsible for any loss or gain due to the event or entry into the event, or anything they or their sponsors do, instead, take up all issues and questions about the event with the Event Holder and their partners. All information is subject to change. We do not necessarily condone the VIEWS of the VIEW Conference; we are just providing event information. To find out more about the VIEW Conference and the VIEW AWARD contest, please visit the events site at: or call +39 011 66 80 948


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