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The Place Where Architecture, Pop Art, & Illustraton Meet / Peter Ross

Freditor likes architecture. Well, everyone likes architecture. I think there’s something humbling about looking up at buildings that were built before you were born, and in most cases, will still be there after you’re gone. If you walk through a city and pay attention to your surroundings, you can see the changes in design over decades. Buildings are as much a part of our culture as music or illustration, and as much as it is built for us, it is built into us.

Peter Ross is a tartan RIBA architect born in Hong Kong – yes, a Scottish dude, born in Hong Kong and working for the British Architectural Institute. If anyone understands how culture can affect construction, it’s this guy. In his own words, Pete “was drawn towards architecture and its relation with people during a time of change and political uncertainty as the territory struggled to find its identity and forge its future.

His work is a mixture of ball-point and acrylics, fine illustration and pop art. In a juxtaposition of old and new, he layers beautifully detailed, stark images of ornamental and traditional architecture with modern-styled pastel paints that really showcase the heart of cultural architecture.

Signs of Change

Limited edition prints are available for sale on his site, LIMITED, and they certainly beat the hell out of that generic NY skyline print everyone else has on their wall. Head on over to his site and fall in love with something different today.

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