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Ando Studio has managed to marry a happy union between European Modernism and South African contemporary art styles with their 2011 project: the European Loft. The European loft was an internal project to connect a kitchen, living room & dining area via European finishing. Team Ando was force to take into account that they had to not only ensure the interior design was consistent throughout the loft, but they even had to create an atmosphere through lighting design that complimented the room itself as well as the objects to make the loft seam more spacious.

The mix between Europe and South Africa is as intense as it is subtle. We find of course the European flavor in the window panes of the loft as well as the flooring that is common throughout loft structures in countries like Britain and France; yet while the room’s ‘shell’ is distinctly European it is married with an open beam structure showcasing dark wood reminiscent of rest-house buildings in South Africa. The zebra style pattern matches the overall tan & beige color scheme giving the inhabitants the distinct feeling of coming home from a safari after a day’s work.

The kitchen is an interesting design beast on it’s own taking contemporary Victorian cabinets and mixing them with the Safari color scheme. What’s interesting here are the two accent objects used to bring out the kitchen’s full potential: the zebra carpet and the wagon wheels in the top left corner of the room.

The bedroom is absolutely magnificent using a modern European bedframe & headboard and placing it atop the sandy carpet. The room’s most notable feature is the canvas covering over the wooden beams overhead. The tent-like feeling once again driving home the feeling of being on the African plains and finally the modern tumbleweeds give the room a finishing touch that is most welcome.

Team Ando has a natural sense of mixing widly different cultures into one coherent interior design vision and they continue to do so in other works such as the Japanese House in the Forest. We definitely suggesting learning more about them on their website here.

About Ando Studio

Ando studio founded by architect Aziza Oren designer Anna Epstein in 2011 . The studio team is very experienced in the simulation architecture, film marketing and working with private clients, architects, interior designers and entrepreneurs. Young and dynamic studio is working in three dimensions with an emphasis on domain architecture and interior design, still imagery and animation. Our goal is to give the studio Ando Luxury simulations solution architecture, both foreign and simulations inside simulations. Ando Studio offers its services to architects, interior designers, developers and interested body of high-quality imaging without compromise

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