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Fonts We Love: Kust by Ieva Mezul / Wild Type

Typeface design is a field which has always had my respect. You spend hours laboring over the perfect baseline, loops, bowls, shoulders, stems, brackets, and descenders to create something that can be used across a variety of mediums including print, cinema, and the web. It’s no surprise that certain typefaces can cost upwards a thousand dollars. That said, there are often designers who create beautiful fonts which they give away for free. Today I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful hand-painted font called ‘Kust Font‘ by fashion designer and painter Ieva Mezule  with images by her partner Krisjanis Mezulis.
Kust Free Font Example

The new Kust free font is 80 characters; every letter has a unique structure, with a distorted look. The letters were drawn on hard paper with a thick brush using pure black ink.

Why We Like Kust:

Kust is a very unique font. I took it for a test run and after attempting to find the right texture to place it on, I realized that as a hand-painted font, it works best on paper or other rough textures. While this typeface won’t be useful across a variety of projects, it definitely fills a nice for illustrations or designers looking for an authentic hand-painted feel in their projects.

Kust Extended Font
There is now an extended version of the Kust font available on Wild Type, this new set features 430 characters and is also available in Latin Pro and Cyrillic. If you are a fan of the free font, I definitely recommend spending $4.95 on a a font that won’t let you down.

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