Kingdom Nothing Lasts

12 Days of Video Game Reviews: Kingdom

Wise Rulers know their kingdom will fall,
Brave Rulers do not despair.
Great Rulers know their riches can rule,
And spend every coin with great care.

Kingdom is a resource management and tower-defense game wrapped up within a minimalist, side-scrolling, procedurally generated pixel-drawn world. The game was developed by Rawfury games – a combination of developers Licorice and Noio (from Iceland and the Netherlands respectively). The two successfully created a system in which every coin spent has the ability to make or break your fledgling kingdom. It’s fairly easy to spend coin improperly and send yourself into a state of ruin. I have much praise for the game as it lets you be either a man or woman and neither gender has any affect on gameplay. Be you a king or a queen, all that matters is your ability to manage, grown, and defend your kingdom and its vassals. Kingdom presents itself as a mindless side-scroller by letting you think it is easy to manage. Gold coins? I used to pick those up by the boat load in Mario. This false sense of pixel-based, nostalgic security is what sent my first kingdom into a spiral of decay. Each time my kingdom was destroyed I did not feel frustrated and instead I found myself learning something each time. Luck has little to do with success in Kingdom. The ability to manage money and to spend wisely is all you need.

kingdom nothing lasts

My Experience in Kingdom

True to it’s name – nothing actually lasts. Kingdom is a game in which I found myself cursing every misspent penny that I spent on a hammer when I should have spent it on a bow. Or maybeI needed to upgrade my fire pit… no I should’ve built a wall. And there goes my crown stolen by little bandits. Of all of my games played thusfar, this was the easiest to get into – the controls are simply up, down, left, and right. Those four keys control all elements of the game (and shift). Despite the minimal controls – mastering the game proved difficult – so much so that I didn’t master it at all by my third hour into gameplay.

Information about Kingdom: Nothing Lasts

Kingdom is a unique pixel art game designed by Thomas van den Berg (Noio), a brilliant and young Dutch game developer. Thomas developed the original concept in Flash and it became quite popular. After spending many hours playing the original Flash concept, Marco Bancale(Licorice) decided to approach Thomas with the idea of porting the game to iOS. Thomas was pretty excited about it and they started redesigning and expanding the original concept while keeping the core mechanics.

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