Freeware Friday – 4 Indie Games You Need To Try – II

Imagine a place where creative, weird, terrible, and nonsensical video game ideas go. Imagine that place is a repository where you can download games at reasonable prices. A spanking simulator? Yeah, it’s got that. A cat petting simulator? Yeah…that’s there too. What about a shark with a grappling hook for a hand? For some reason, that also exists and you can find it there. I’m talking about Itch.Io, a “simple way to find and share indie games online for free”. Today, I’ve waded through a number of their games so you don’t have to and I’ve picked out a few games worth at least one playthrough.



I’m pretty sure that I scrolled past this game on Itch no less than seven times. Each I passed by the game I thought to myself: This is stupid. Why the hell I want roll around the forest as a vegetable? Is it even a vegetable? Are pickles fruit? Whatever. Lame.

I was so very wrong. This game is fantastic as it is pointless. You are literally a pickle rolling around different environments. If Rubber can be a major hit on Netflix, then I’m calling it now that Pickle is the big hit of 2015 in the game world. The game was made by some super weird folks called SVBLM (follow them on Twitter).

From the Creators:
Be a cool pickle in the forest.


Attack of the Space Rift


This game is the only way someone could convince me to buy the Microsoft Tablet Surface. Remember that giant table-sized tablet they were trying to push onto the market? Well finally there is a game that would make use of all that screenspace. Space Rift is what I assume to be a two-play defense game. A rift has opened between two dangerously close planets and asteroids and other space debris have come flying out of it. You must defend your planet by shooting the debris towards the other player’s homeworld. I have a lot of questions about the political relationship between the two planets which would allow for a situation where they would casually obliterate the other, but whatever. This is a great game by some folks called Jenso.

From the creators:
A fun two player game for Android tablet. Play a heads up match with a friend. An evil Space Rift have apeared between Red and Green planet, and only one world can survive!


Hyper Cube


There is nothing better than a moment where THE BEAT DROPS. That moment is even better when it happens in a videogame. Hypercube is a puzzle game tripping on dubstep fueled acid. I can’t find the words to express how fun and frustrating this minigame is. You guide a HYBERCUBE THROUGH A HYPERMAZE whilst listening to sweet beats in the background. Props to Pixel Heart Studios for this one.

From the creators:
Hyper Maze Arcade is the evolution of the classic maze game and it’s the first of its kind. It’s a new type of game that takes inspiration from a classic game concept and innovates it to a whole new level.

The goal is to guide a cube through an endless moving maze. The key is timing. Fall behind and you’ll die.


In The Greenhouse



Alright guys, I was saving the best (weirdest) for last. Do you suck at gardening? Have you ever wanted to be a fairy? At any point in your life have you wished that you could shoot rainbows at things? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions then this game is for you. The developer, Konstantin Kopka is a German artist who makes games and paintings. Be sure to check out their entire portfolio and if you haven’t already, follow them on Twitter.

From the creators:
A game about exploring a place without love.
Enter this weird world, armed only with your laser of positivity, and bring back the good vibes lost long ago.

Can you find all the skeleton girls?

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