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12 Days of Video Game Reviews: Besiege Spotlight

Besiege is a lot of things but one of the last phrases that comes to mind when trying to describe it is “a game”. Spiderling Games, the creator, describe Besiege as:

“a physics based building game in which you construct medieval siege engines and lay waste to immense fortresses and peaceful hamlets. Build a machine which can crush windmills, wipe out battalions of brave soldiers…. Create a trundling behemoth, or take clumsily to the skies, and cause carnage in fully destructible environments.

My Experience in Besiege:

The game boots up and gives you a very brief tutorial on how to create a vehicle with wheels and then leaves you to your own devices to create siege weapons that can accomplish a variety of tasks. Some levels are as simple as killing a bunch of sheep (I built madmax-esque car with rotation circular saws) and other levels require a delicate touch (why is it so hard to build something to lift wood and place it five feet to the left???). What I find fascinating about this game is that it asks you to think before building something. Besiege’s physics engine has a way of saying “Fred this is a terrible idea and you should rethink your life choices” whenever I think I’ve solved a problem. See exhibit A below:

Besiege Game Spiderling
Ha! It only took me 2 hours to learn how to build realistic siege weapons
Besiege Game Spiderling
…I really need to read a book on basic engineering.

The reason why I stress that this is less of a “game” than others that I will talk about is that the focus is not on completing tasks but creating 3-D models that function. Besiege is an interesting concept that stretches your brain muscle and gets you thinking about how to build working, functional models that can accomplish tasks. Hell, it even sparked my interest to look up siege war machines worked in the medieval era. The UI design for Besiege is beautiful, responsive, and intuitive – even better than what you would find in platforms designed specifically for 3-D modeling. The game is 7.99 but like all other games on Steam, it will eventually go on sale. Pick up a copy for your STEM friends and watch the cogs turn in their heads as they create completely non-sensical (but working) machines of destruction.

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