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Freeware Friday – 5 Indie Games You Need To Try

Imagine a place where creative, weird, terrible, and nonsensical video game ideas go. Imagine that place is a repository where you can download games at reasonable prices. A spanking simulator? Yeah, it’s got that. A cat petting simulator? Yeah…that’s there too. What about a shark with a grappling hook for a hand? For some reason, that also exists and you can find it there. I’m talking about Itch.Io, a “simple way to find and share indie games online for free”. Today, I’ve waded through a number of their games so you don’t have to and I’ve picked out a few games worth at least one playthrough. Oh, if it’s not obvious, this is going to be a thing on Fridays from now on.

Dude where’s my pitch

Sales PitchDeveloped by Sukeban Games, Dude Where’s My Pitch is an interactive game straight out of a real life nightmare. Have you ever ended up in a meeting with zero idea of what to say or what exactly to present? I have – it’s one of those situations where you can either succeed or fail miserably. There is no middle ground. Have fun re-living that nightmare through this imaginative (read: why would anyone make this?) interactive, point-and-click adventure.

From the creators:
“Have you ever stumbled your way through a presentation? Of course you have, and this game is made so you can relive that experience with these two lovely ladies who are suddenly doing a sales pitch with no idea about what’s going on.”

Lost Constellation

Lost Constellation
You’re a cat telling a sociopathic kitten a bedtime story about a crocodile in a magical evil forest who fights with snowballs. I really couldn’t make this up even if I tried. Lost constellation is a supplemental game to Night In The Woods, created by Finji (Twitter). They’re an awesome indie studio based in Austin Texas and I definitely suggest checking out the rest of their portfolio when you can.

From the creators:
“Lost Constellation is a Longest Night ghost story. Travel into the frozen woods in a folktale from the world of Night In The Woods.”


Naut Itchiogames
I spent way too much time playing this game. You are one of two astronauts living in an empty ranch style home on Mars. Not the mars that we know, but a different Mars that exists somewhere else entirely. Hop in your convertible and drive across a weird Martian landscape. This is probably a metaphor for something, Purgatory maybe, but I couldn’t figure it out as I spent a lot of my time trying to flip my car over during a freak lightning storm. This game was made by lots of awesome people: Lucie viatgé, Tom Victor and Titouan Millet, members of the Klondike collective.

From the creators:
“Wander around, drive through the desert, hear what the cosmos has to tell you.”


What is up with the fascination people have with dying out in the middle of nowhere in the cold? Whatever, I love it. There is nothing like wandering a frozen tundra looking for someone who may have never existed at all. Use flag poles to try and not get lost. I personally suggest using the sun as a compass but who am I to tell you about basic survival tips. Oh, and try not to freeze to death. Created by Rene Rother, this is definitely worth a try.

From the creator:
“You’re on an antarctic expedition and your partner disappeared. Explore the environment and find him without getting lost yourself.”

Beneath Floes

Beneath the Flores

This is probably one of the most put together Twine games I have played in a long time. There are a number of indie games that explore ideas but lack any concrete story to tell. Beneath Floes is 100% about the story and it drags you beneath its lyrical waters to participate. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to hear the entire tale. Just not from me.

From the creators:
“Beneath Floes is a short work of interactive fiction written by Kevin Snow, the creator of Bravemule, with artwork from Patrick Bonaduce and sound from Priscilla White. Qikiqtaaluk, 1962. The sun falls below the horizon and won’t return for months. You wander the broken shoreline, wary of your mother’s stories about the qalupalik. Fish woman, stealer of wayward children: she dwells beneath the ice.”


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