Dan Chan – Experimental Filmmaker

I am currently working as the lead QA engineer at Behance. While I’m not being a programming robot, I like to stretch my creative muscle by making films and shooting photography. My personal dream is to have my work displayed in the MoMA, and for people everywhere to change the ways they think. My hobbies … Continue reading Dan Chan – Experimental Filmmaker

Glenda Lissette – Photographer

To me there is nothing more important than capturing memories, I love taking pictures knowing that some day this will mean so much to someone. That’s part of why I love my job as well, I feel like I kind of change people’s lives. Photography is my passion and that is what I’m going to … Continue reading Glenda Lissette – Photographer

Abigail de Casanova – Fashion Makeup Artist

Abigail has been involved in the fashion industry for over 13 years. As a hairstylist and makeup artist she focuses on getting her clients ready for special events as well as working on photo shoots and fashion shows. Her work as a handbag and jewelry designer has been showcased at the MTV Video Music Awards, … Continue reading Abigail de Casanova – Fashion Makeup Artist

Esther Bayer – Fashion Illustrator

Esther is a Canadian based artists who primarily focuses on vibrant nature of old Hollywood glam. She takes inspiration from vintage magazine covers, crystals & unicorn dust. As you look at her work you’ll notice her love for soft brush strokes and playing with splashes of colors while always using accurately drawn facial features. Enjoy … Continue reading Esther Bayer – Fashion Illustrator