Gamification Will Eat Your Family: A Response to Harmtemolder

Having had this post brought to my attention I expected one thing & instead found this post telling me something exists that he had just heard explained to him at a talk. The first thought through my head was: man, are they behind the times. I first heard about it in this talk given by Jesse Schell early last year, which ends with him describing what amounts to a nightmare scenario of Huxlian proportions. Gamification is the new buzzword term that has been on the lips of business and marketing professionals for the last few months. The idea is that video games are so engaging and have seemingly sprung out of nowhere in such a short amount of time to take our dollars, time and attention. Of course like all buzzwords it is repeated often with little to no understanding of what it is, or why it worked in the first place.

Indie Game Spotlight: p0nd

The style of p0nd is what I can only manage to call pixilated impressionism. We press the button only to make our character inhale and exhale once he consumed all of the colored orbs that appear around him. The more you succeed on each screen to more wild life beings to appear.

Today I Die

Indie Game Spotlight is the hopefull to continue being weekly feature where I will highlight an independent game that deserves attention. Given the difficutly these developers have in being heard, every little bit helps. Some will be free, some may cost money, but they are deserving of some attention. This game is a relatively older one, … Continue reading Today I Die

Small Worlds

Indie Game Spotlight, at the moment, is an irregularly schedualed feature where I highlight an independantly funded and created game. Each game will be one worth taking a look at as abreak from the usual AAA and other studio made titles. These games need all the visibility they can get and I’d like to do … Continue reading Small Worlds