Mike Ming: Trendy Illustration Meets Commercial Industrial Design

The mainstream and the underground have been merging at an exponential rate in the past two years, and to put things into perspective lets take eclectic, trendy hip hop singers Santogold, and M.I.A. Both are known for their unique beats, melodies, and vocals which sets them apart from mainstream hip-hop. But just how underground are … Continue reading Mike Ming: Trendy Illustration Meets Commercial Industrial Design

Playful Patterns – Nantaka Joy

It’s becoming commonplace that I don’t actually find these links to amazing artwork and design on my own, but that I get linked to them by other creative fluff members or one of our many subscribers ( I say many because we’re so popular I can’t be bothered to keep track).  This time around I … Continue reading Playful Patterns – Nantaka Joy

Hiccup Inc.

As difficult as it is to admit, I occasionally watch the Martha Stewart show… (there’s really nothing else worth watching on day-time television anyway). But getting back to the point, guest Ashley Steele demonstrated how to make the wooden baby blocks sold on her website Hiccup Inc. The blocks are kid friendly and have quite … Continue reading Hiccup Inc.

Olympic Gold Medals: A Design Retrospective

Today marks the last day of the olympics. August 24th though I’m technically an hour behind schedule. However, despite my time short-comings CreativeFluff is bringing you an Olympic special on the history of the Olympic Gold Medal and it’s changes in design over time. But before we take a look at the sportsy ‘bling bling’ … Continue reading Olympic Gold Medals: A Design Retrospective


Heatherwick Studios is a London based design practice that started in 1994. Since then, they have produced some very creative design solutions. Heatherwick designs on many different scales, from roll-up bridges to the Longchamp zip-bag, even furniture pieces.     Here is their website if you’d like to look at more of their work: http://www.heatherwick.com/

The Future?! – The Wearable Motorcycle

Even though it is just in the conceptual stage, this personal vehicle, called the Deus Ex Machina runs on a Lithium battery and is said to be completely green. It is to be able to go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and hold that speed on a single charge for an hour. It … Continue reading The Future?! – The Wearable Motorcycle