PS3 Released this Week and is Green?

Coming out this week is the, smaller, cheaper model of Sony’s Playstation 3. Heavenly rumored and expected for most of the year and finally, officially announced three weeks ago. This is the week that in Japan and North America you can walk into a store and come out with the new version of the console.

Blue Balls – Innovative, Chic & Modern Furniture Design by Animi Causa

@flakhound was ranting and raving about wanting ‘blue balls’ and I couldn’t even begin to fathom why anyone, especially FlakHound would want blue balls. Perhaps his girlfriend was a bit too much for him, I will never know. It took a few hours of listening to his rant before he dropped a link and I … Continue reading Blue Balls – Innovative, Chic & Modern Furniture Design by Animi Causa

The Swerve

Alright, So here’s the story:

I was sitting at home one day, humbly minding my own business, and peacefully watching “Green Acre’s” when all of a sudden just as Arnold the pig informed Mr. Drucker that Mr. Douglas had parked in the spot where he (Arnold of course) usually parks his bicycle MegaLongCat comes storming into my house, yelling and shouting in some far off language, (I think it was some weird cross between Manhattanese and the lower half district of Jersey city with a bit of Creole and Jamaican tossed in just to confuse me).

“Christoph hajuba relief check Wall-street discount seafood ‘mon!'” he exclaimed.

Which translated of course means “Hey whats up man? Let’s go party it up!”

Of course I told him I was much too busy to “party it up” as he called it, for I was trying to solve this conundrum of how a Arnold, being a pig and all, was able to ride a bicycle.

To make a long story short, Megalongcat handed me this package and said you should really check this out. The package read “swerve.” Apparently it was the worlds best neck hair remover. I wondered if he was trying to give me a hint, and then I wondered why he cared so much about my neck hair.

Unique Product Innovation – Toilet Seat Handles *Shandles*

Creative Fluff seems to have attracted an eclectic and innovative group of people lately. A few weeks ago we were contacted by a group named Shandle. At the time I was like “well, what the hell is a Shandle?” I quickly found out that a Shandle is single-handedly the greatest innovation for single men, frat … Continue reading Unique Product Innovation – Toilet Seat Handles *Shandles*