Paul Villinski – Butterflies, Soda Cans & Art

Butterflies for a long time have served as a quintessential form of beautiful simplicity; however this is a beauty many of us take for granted. We spend our time staring at our mobile devices or with our head to the ground avoiding personal contact in our concrete jungles. Artist Paul Villinski revels in the sweet … Continue reading Paul Villinski – Butterflies, Soda Cans & Art

“Slippery When Wet” – Wet Dreams Exhibition

Wet dreams now has a new meaning as two photographers and fiveartists set their sights on exploring the liquid landscape that covers the majority of the planet we live on.

For humans water has a timeless fascination. Covering 2/3 the surface of our planet, water nourishes, cools, cleans, entertains, and inspires us. And no wonder, as is commonly known, 96% of our bodies is comprised of water, we are literally made of the stuff. In our embryonic state we develop while floating in a sort of inland sea, sporting the gills that suggest our own distant evolution from the enveloping oceans.