Opinion: Design isn’t Horse Sh*t. People are Dumb sh*ts.

I had written this on my personal blog, but felt it belonged here. The art and design world isn’t always full of fluff. Now while most of it is, it is important that we as designers remember just exactly what design is and the great (or horrible) things it can accomplish. In a very direct … Continue reading Opinion: Design isn’t Horse Sh*t. People are Dumb sh*ts.

Paul Villinski – Butterflies, Soda Cans & Art

Butterflies for a long time have served as a quintessential form of beautiful simplicity; however this is a beauty many of us take for granted. We spend our time staring at our mobile devices or with our head to the ground avoiding personal contact in our concrete jungles. Artist Paul Villinski revels in the sweet … Continue reading Paul Villinski – Butterflies, Soda Cans & Art

Robin Guenther – Shaping Design Dialogue

As a principal at Perkins+Will and a national leader in the conversation linking public health, regenerative design and sustainability, Robin Guenther synthesizes newly developing ideas and diverse groups to further the values she promotes. Robin is particularly skilled at achieving consensus for sustainable ideas, a quality valued by clients as well as the many advocacy groups with whom she works. Her work has helped shape healthier, more welcoming facilities for nearly every medical institution in New York City. Robin joined Perkins+Will when the firm she founded, Guenther 5 Architects, merged with the New York office.

The 13 Basic Principals of Game Design

I did not come up with these myself, you have Matt Allmer of EA to thank for that. Reading them over they make sense when you read them, but it is easy to see how they can get lost in the shuffle. From a game critiquing standpoint you can articulate why something seems off or … Continue reading The 13 Basic Principals of Game Design

Solar Sailing Super-Yachts

Super-yachts owned by super-billionaires aren’t usually thought of as being environmentally friendly. They are, first and foremost, symbols of in-your-face wealth, (and, in some cases, possibly signs of having to compensate for something.) But a new interest in making sea transportation energy efficient has been emerging. CNN’s article,  “Solar sails could turn super-yachts green”, points … Continue reading Solar Sailing Super-Yachts