Dusseldorf: A Beautiful German Loft by Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

Architects Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners, stands out when it comes to designing and creating contemporary, structural masterpieces. To illustrate their technical and creative skill, we need only look towards one of their latest projects: a warehouse-turned-loft in Desseldorf, Germany.

Can’t Visit Tuscany? Enjoy Some Tuscan Interior Design Inspiration

With a snowstorm looming on the horizon in New England, I thought how nice would it be to escape to the rolling hills of Tuscany for a weekend? Luckily I’m a realist and decided to immerse myself in some great Tuscan design instead. Enjoy the photography and design below that captures what is only a … Continue reading Can’t Visit Tuscany? Enjoy Some Tuscan Interior Design Inspiration

Gourd Lamps by Calabarte

Hell yeah. Let’s talk about lamps today! I found some pictures online of these awesome gourd lamps by artist Calabarte and had to know more about them. I sent an email pestering him for more information and he agreed to answer my questions. It turned out that he was a really interesting guy. Calabarte studied … Continue reading Gourd Lamps by Calabarte

Robin Guenther – Shaping Design Dialogue

As a principal at Perkins+Will and a national leader in the conversation linking public health, regenerative design and sustainability, Robin Guenther synthesizes newly developing ideas and diverse groups to further the values she promotes. Robin is particularly skilled at achieving consensus for sustainable ideas, a quality valued by clients as well as the many advocacy groups with whom she works. Her work has helped shape healthier, more welcoming facilities for nearly every medical institution in New York City. Robin joined Perkins+Will when the firm she founded, Guenther 5 Architects, merged with the New York office.

European Loft Interior Design – Ando Studio

Ando Studio has managed to marry a happy union between European Modernism and South African contemporary art styles with their 2011 project: the European Loft. The European loft was an internal project to connect a kitchen, living room & dining area via European finishing.