Top 20 Unique Wallpapers of the Week – 7.27.08

Hello ladies, germs, designers, and trendsetters. Creativefluff has decided to root through the high seas of the interwebs to bring you the top twenty unique wallpapers of the week. We even have little blurbs explaining why =D. If you want to get on the top twenty list and save us the trouble of finding wallpapers, … Continue reading Top 20 Unique Wallpapers of the Week – 7.27.08

5 Inspirational Website Designs

1. Kuler A creative an intuitive swatch color website from adobe.  You can choose a color theme, save it to Adobe products and use them in there.  You can also pick apart the colors on pictures uploaded to flickr.  This is a must have website for web graphic designers and possibly print designers too. 2.  … Continue reading 5 Inspirational Website Designs