Russian Illustrator Varya Kolesnikova // Artist of the Day

Varya Kolesnikova is a talented illustrator currently based in Petersburg, Russia. Her work always features fanciful, child like creations that tug at the corners of your imagination. Her work is presented in classical story book style with each illustrated frame telling a different story. A picture is said to tell a thousand words and her … Continue reading Russian Illustrator Varya Kolesnikova // Artist of the Day

The Inspiring Illustrations of Viktoria Voronko

Today we have the extremely Russian artwork of Vodka-land based artist Viktoria Voronko. Not only does her name sounds like an cold war sleeper agent, it’s easy to see the historical influence in her work from the snowy landscapes to the harsh abstraction which is reminiscent of Kandinsky‘s work. Her work is a prime example … Continue reading The Inspiring Illustrations of Viktoria Voronko

Illustrator Kamila Stankiewicz

When I was asked to pick the Artist of the Day, many, many days ago, I immediately thought of Kamila Stankiewicz as an artist whose style stands out amongst the many artists I’ve browsed over the years. Five years ago I stumbled across one of her images online and was immediately hooked on her heavy, … Continue reading Illustrator Kamila Stankiewicz

Illustrator Eleonora Della Malva

There are great things that come out of France besides wine & cheese. Today we bring you the beautiful art of Eleonora Della Malva. The wonderful artist is currently an illustration teacher at Arts Appliqués Bellecour based in Lyon, France.

Concept Artist Jen Zee

Today we bring you the wonderful concept artist Jen Zee and her amazing creations. This young artist works for Supergiant Games making awesome illustration & effects art for downloadable indie games. Take a look at some of her awesome pieces below. Now if only all games looked as good as their concept art…