The Reward -The Ultimate Bro-Story by The Animation Workshop

Move over Adventure Time. The Animation Workshop of Viborg, Denmark has released quite possibly the great bro-story ever. Adventure? Check. Sword Fights? Check. Becoming the great warriors of legend? Check, check, check! Continue reading The Reward -The Ultimate Bro-Story by The Animation Workshop

Ketel Vodka x GQ – A Gentlemen’s Call: $100,000 Idea Contest

“The idea of a gentleman is one of awareness, confidence and compassion. Helping to support an initiative that is based on those ideals is an honor and I look forward to seeing the evolution of this quest reach its full potential.” – Ian Somerhalder, Actor and Philanthropist

Men’s fashion has seen a huge resurgence in modern society stemming from the flood of street style photographers snapping away at fashionable gents in places like Milan, New York, and Paris. It’s great to see Ketel Vodka & GQ are teaming up to tackle the what it truly means to be a gentlemen. For any of you dapper folks out there, Ketel One is offering you, the contemporary gentleman, a chance to make a difference. They are looking for an original idea that champions the lifestyle of the modern gentleman. This is your chance to showcase your authentic idea in the hope that it will help raise society’s behavioral bar.

What’s in it for you besides changing the world?


Entries close on July 29, 2012. Visit for complete contest rules and to submit a project.

Please visit A Gentlemen’s Call ( for more information or check out their Facebook Page(

The Morning Report: Monday, June 4th, 2012


Talk about being full of yourself. Coca Cola has decided to launch a 125th Anniversary Exhibition featuring an immersion room dedicated to themselves.

Chinese Spirit Money

If you burn your money you’re going to have a bad time. Chinese artist Beili Liu has created an installation dedicated to the tradition of burning spirit money.

Vogue Olympic 2012 Spread

Niftytown of tumblr has been kind enough to give his opinion on Vogue’s June 2012 Olympian spread

Tales and Stories Kinuko Y Craft

So there are people who can still paint? Kinuko Y. Craft has created a series of fantasy paintings entitled “Tales and Stories.” witch environments so rich they might as well be movies.

4 Epic Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Photography has many striking effects, but perhaps none is quite as arresting as long exposure. Many photographic artists have created jaw-dropping epic images using extremely long exposure times. Each with their own unique subject matter, here are some of the finest examples of long exposure images.

Robert Knight’s Sleepless Nights


Artist Robert Knight’s haunting long exposure photography project, Sleepless, was conceived during his own bout of insomnia following the birth of his children. The visual representation of people’s sleep movements found in Knight’s images creates a spectral trace of their rest and restlessness, their slumber, stirrings, dreaming and waking. Exposure times are approximately seven hours. Perhaps what makes Knight’s long exposure photography so intriguing is that it features the human figure at a time when we are usually unconscious and out of sight.

Chris Kotsiopoulos Captures 24 Hours in 360 Degrees


This magnificent panoramic shot of a rural vista in Sounio, Greece required 30 hours of preparation and dedication from photographer Chris Kotsiopoloulos to achieve with his Canon 550D DSLR. In a single image, 24 hours of daylight and night time are compressed into one dazzling 360 degree photograph. Kotsiopoulos returned home with hundreds of pictures, which he pieced together using photo editing software, creating a breathtaking example of long exposure photography: an entire day in full circle.

Justin Quinnell’s Spectral Clifton Suspension Bridge


Brunel’s majestic Clifton Suspension Bridge over the Avon Gorge is a stirring sight in itself, but Justin Quinnell’s long exposure photograph gives it a nimbus of emerald arcs which possess an uncanny beauty. Taken using a homemade pin-hole camera fashioned from an empty can of drink with a 0.25mm aperture placed before one sheet of photographic paper, the picture took six months to achieve. Incredibly, Quinnell’s father died half way through the process and the photographer can identify the exact position of the sun when his father passed away during the exposure.

Michael Wesely’s Epic Exposure of the Reconstruction of the MoMA



The great photographer Michael Wesely was invited to capture the reconstruction of the Museum of Modern Art between 2001 and 2004. The results were these simply magnificent photographs caught using 8 cameras strategically set up to expose for 34 months. Eerie and ethereal, they catch a prominent landmark being built, creation in flux, giving a haunting ghost-like aesthetic to what is usually a concrete construction. Mesmerising, Wesely asserted he could expose for up to 40 years. If only he could have travelled back in time to the building of the pyramids.

Streetwear: Evolution, Design & Influence

Evolution of Streetwear & It’s Booming Culture

Streetwear is an acquired taste, we do not all have the image that goes with baggy pants, hooded tops and baseball caps. Maybe we are just not cool enough, but as the trend of this clothing and lifestyle grows it could be time to start to embrace it and climb on board…..and I don’t mean your skateboard.

Expression via Fashion

The Streetwear phenomena has come a long way and originated from many urban street influences in the 70’s and 80’s. The skateboard and surfing community, graffiti styling and hip hop culture were influential. A lot of these groups were not readily accepted by the mainstream and found a way to express themselves through graffiti and customised clothing.

Streetwear in many people’s opinion started in USA with the revered Shawn Stussy. He was a surfer that began putting his graffiti tag on his boards and t-shirts and soon became iconic and sought after, leading the way for more to follow. Japan and other countries were revolutionary in moving the looks and designs forward.

Streetwear has always been about functionality and looking good. The jackets were thick and allowed skaters and surfers etc to keep warm in the elements. They have always been colourful and full of attitude as displayed by the hip hop rappers that wear them. Due to the increasing popularity, major fashion brands have seen an outlet that reaches various age groups and cultures and is profitable as well. The designs and influences are forever changing but always have a cross over from the street that is evident.

There are core items that optimise streetwear hoodies, tracksuits, t shirts and trainers. The main brands over the years have been Addict, Atticus, Stussy to name but a few. The hip and trendy youngster have always been the main consumer of these products and in the early days found it conveniently affordable.

Inspiring Fashion Design

What we have started to see in recent years are more cross merchandise items that appeal to even more people. The savvy streetwear brand owners and designers are using their skills and innovative designs to produce, sunglasses, back packs, hats and various other apparel. Blackflyz and Eastpak have made an admiral foray into this market. This means that even if you have no interest in surfing, hip hop or skateboarding you can still have a piece of the young, fun and inspiring lifestyle. Over time women have also embraced the streetwear euphoria with brands such as MbyM and Gentle Fawn catering for the female market.

The new twist on streetwear is the smarter more conservative feel. Brands such as QWST and Fly53 are now mixing colourful designs, colour blocking and stripes to spice up shirts, jumpers and trousers. Once again a wider market is now wearing the styles that were once seen as a genre most people did not want to be part of.

The rich uber celebrities of today’s society have also played a big part in spreading the word for the most iconic brands. Hugely successful rappers and hip hop moguls have worn these names in videos and on red carpets across the world. Hence the youngsters that are coming up want to continue the brand love affair, although on a smaller less expensive scale to emulate their idols.

As a result of the celebrities merging with the corporate companies sneakers like “Nike Air Force” one and the original “Air Jordan MK1”, were market leaders in their time. Luxury brands such as Gucci, Fendi and Burberry have all made their mark in this area. It just goes to show that although something starts small, money and exposure can make it a worldwide commodity that we all want a piece of. As the new streetwear designers come to the market and wow us, we will finally realise that this sub culture is no longer hidden underground.

Learn more about the history and origins of streetwear along with streetwear brands to shop for.

Dave Meek works for Reprebate, leading specialists in urban clothing, street fashion, hip hop wear and skatewear.

Dan Chan – Experimental Filmmaker

I am currently working as the lead QA engineer at Behance. While I’m not being a programming robot, I like to stretch my creative muscle by making films and shooting photography. My personal dream is to have my work displayed in the MoMA, and for people everywhere to change the ways they think. My hobbies include training for marathons, playing guitar for punk rock bands, and consuming terribly awesome food. I also enjoy long walks on the beach.