Whimsical Canvas Paintings by Creative Group ONYN

I’ve got to be honest, when I came across ONYN I couldn’t be happier with the name they chose for their company. No matter what the actual meaning was behind the name, ONYN (which I am obviously pronouncing as Onion) is a creative group based in East London that has been making whimsical canvas art for years.



Their paintings focus on a single, powerful subject and none of their work seems to even care about providing a background. Each piece is a burst of visual energy and clearly takes some of the better stylistic cues from the pop art movement of the 70’s and 80’s. ONYN’s work features hipster dogs on skateboards, bumble bee pigs, and hyper-deformed half-naked cabana boys. Do they care if you don’t like their work? Probably not. What they do care about is creating something fun & ephemeral before moving onto the next big idea.

Interested in purchasing some of their work? You’re in luck! The Next selling show at Spitalfields Pop-Up Art Gallery in East London from Thursday 4th July through to Sunday 7th July 2013. Don’t miss out!

If you’re digging their work be sure to like their FaceBook page and check out their website here.

Numbers and Squares Inspiration: Bingo Elements You Can Do For Your Wedding

Bingo has been a long-standing favorite social past-time for decades. It may have gotten stuck as a game reserved for charity halls, but the advent of online games caused a revival in its popularity. With its vintage-charm and no-nonsense theme, it’s not surprising that this numbers card game has become an inspiration for many weddings.

If you feel like bingo is part of the theme you would want for your nuptials, here are some inspirations you could use:

The Reception Amusement

bingoNothing beats a great wedding reception with really engaging games. Bingo is an ideal game to include because of the socialization element it requires. With bingo being highly customizable, you can have the game meld with your wedding theme like what this couple did as featured by StyleMePretty.com. You could also have the game serve a certain purpose, like match-making your invited single friends. Gaming community site FoxyBingo’s recently held bingo-dating event would be a good inspiration source you can consider.

The Invitation and Other Ideas

Bingo elements can be used to make your invitations quirky or unique. OffBeatBride.com has one particular suggestion that makes use of bingo cards as guest invitations. The numbers-calling element of the game can also be adapted during reception if you want your guests to really mingle. Have their names in a bingo roll, call them out and assign them to a certain seat. GreenWeddingShoes.com has another variation you could look into.

The Theme

What could be more fun than having a theme that connotes fun, right? Bingo can be embedded into your theme and can even be used as pieces to the design of your reception venue, your table setting, even your cake. OneWed.com featured a photo that makes use of bingo as well as other games to make a quaint table setting perfect for a wedding whose couple loves board games.

Hopefully some of these bingo-themed suggestions will give you ideas on how your special day would really be engaging and fun. Whether you would like it quirky or you would like it conventional, the numbers game will surely be able to adapt.

The Reward -The Ultimate Bro-Story by The Animation Workshop

Move over Adventure Time. The Animation Workshop of Viborg, Denmark has released quite possibly the great bro-story ever. Adventure? Check. Sword Fights? Check. Becoming the great warriors of legend? Check, check, check! Continue reading The Reward -The Ultimate Bro-Story by The Animation Workshop

Ketel Vodka x GQ – A Gentlemen’s Call: $100,000 Idea Contest

“The idea of a gentleman is one of awareness, confidence and compassion. Helping to support an initiative that is based on those ideals is an honor and I look forward to seeing the evolution of this quest reach its full potential.” – Ian Somerhalder, Actor and Philanthropist

Men’s fashion has seen a huge resurgence in modern society stemming from the flood of street style photographers snapping away at fashionable gents in places like Milan, New York, and Paris. It’s great to see Ketel Vodka & GQ are teaming up to tackle the what it truly means to be a gentlemen. For any of you dapper folks out there, Ketel One is offering you, the contemporary gentleman, a chance to make a difference. They are looking for an original idea that champions the lifestyle of the modern gentleman. This is your chance to showcase your authentic idea in the hope that it will help raise society’s behavioral bar.

What’s in it for you besides changing the world?


Entries close on July 29, 2012. Visit www.AGentlemansCall.com for complete contest rules and to submit a project.

Please visit A Gentlemen’s Call (http://www.agentlemanscall.com/) for more information or check out their Facebook Page(http://www.facebook.com/KetelOne/app_228870700557121)

The Morning Report: Monday, June 4th, 2012


Talk about being full of yourself. Coca Cola has decided to launch a 125th Anniversary Exhibition featuring an immersion room dedicated to themselves.

Chinese Spirit Money

If you burn your money you’re going to have a bad time. Chinese artist Beili Liu has created an installation dedicated to the tradition of burning spirit money.

Vogue Olympic 2012 Spread

Niftytown of tumblr has been kind enough to give his opinion on Vogue’s June 2012 Olympian spread

Tales and Stories Kinuko Y Craft

So there are people who can still paint? Kinuko Y. Craft has created a series of fantasy paintings entitled “Tales and Stories.” witch environments so rich they might as well be movies.