The Reward -The Ultimate Bro-Story by The Animation Workshop

Move over Adventure Time. The Animation Workshop of Viborg, Denmark has released quite possibly the great bro-story ever. Adventure? Check. Sword Fights? Check. Becoming the great warriors of legend? Check, check, check!

Ketel Vodka x GQ – A Gentlemen’s Call: $100,000 Idea Contest

“The idea of a gentleman is one of awareness, confidence and compassion. Helping to support an initiative that is based on those ideals is an honor and I look forward to seeing the evolution of this quest reach its full potential.” – Ian Somerhalder, Actor and Philanthropist Men’s fashion has seen a huge resurgence in … Continue reading Ketel Vodka x GQ – A Gentlemen’s Call: $100,000 Idea Contest

The Morning Report: Monday, June 4th, 2012

Talk about being full of yourself. Coca Cola has decided to launch a 125th Anniversary Exhibition featuring an immersion room dedicated to themselves. If you burn your money you’re going to have a bad time. Chinese artist Beili Liu has created an installation dedicated to the tradition of burning spirit money. Niftytown of tumblr has … Continue reading The Morning Report: Monday, June 4th, 2012

4 Epic Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Photography has many striking effects, but perhaps none is quite as arresting as long exposure. Many photographic artists have created jaw-dropping epic images using extremely long exposure times. Each with their own unique subject matter, here are some of the finest examples of long exposure images. Robert Knight’s Sleepless Nights via Artist Robert Knight’s haunting … Continue reading 4 Epic Examples of Long Exposure Photography

Streetwear: Evolution, Design & Influence

Evolution of Streetwear & It’s Booming Culture Streetwear is an acquired taste, we do not all have the image that goes with baggy pants, hooded tops and baseball caps. Maybe we are just not cool enough, but as the trend of this clothing and lifestyle grows it could be time to start to embrace it … Continue reading Streetwear: Evolution, Design & Influence

Dan Chan – Experimental Filmmaker

I am currently working as the lead QA engineer at Behance. While I’m not being a programming robot, I like to stretch my creative muscle by making films and shooting photography. My personal dream is to have my work displayed in the MoMA, and for people everywhere to change the ways they think. My hobbies … Continue reading Dan Chan – Experimental Filmmaker