5 Inspirational Website Designs

1. Kuler A creative an intuitive swatch color website from adobe.  You can choose a color theme, save it to Adobe products and use them in there.  You can also pick apart the colors on pictures uploaded to flickr.  This is a must have website for web graphic designers and possibly print designers too. 2.  … Continue reading 5 Inspirational Website Designs

Demand Responsible Action by Architects.

My father, an amazing designer though we never talk about the subject together, regularly subscribes to Metropolis magazine: a magazine dedicated to all forms of architecture design from interior design to environmental design. For the longest time I didn’t even bother to read the stacks upon stacks of magazines until one day I decided to … Continue reading Demand Responsible Action by Architects.

Frederick Kiesler: Co-Realities

This past weekend, Saturday I believe, I decided to surprise my girlfriend with a random trip to the Drawing Center located in downtown Manhattan.  Normally I tend to shy away from traditional art forms, namely those of the pencil and paintbrush variety, but something about this exhibition caught me eye.  The name of the event … Continue reading Frederick Kiesler: Co-Realities

Plaid Shorts and Preps Today

We’ve all seen it. The infamous plaid shorts. For those of us who grew up in the suburbs of any major city, we all understand that these shorts are automatically linked with popped collars and polo shirts and in turn these fashion pieces are associated with certain stereotyped groups or cliques of people. These groups, … Continue reading Plaid Shorts and Preps Today

Blue Vinyl: Free Typeface – “Synthetique”

I stumbled across the Blue Vinyl website and found a plethora of custom designed ( and well) fonts.  The majority of the fonts were pay-for-use, however BV had a few free typefaces and today we’re taking a look at their newest one: Synthetique. Maybe it’s just me, but I can never get enough of the … Continue reading Blue Vinyl: Free Typeface – “Synthetique”