The Realm of James Jean

I’ve been meaning to write a post about James Jean for a while. His illustration work is stunning and imaginative, with a very distinct visual style (almost like Asian painting meets Little Nemo in Slumberland). He works in several mediums and has done work for well known clients: Target, Prada, Rolling Stone, and Time Magazine, … Continue reading The Realm of James Jean

Living Clouds

I subscribe to LensWork Magazine, and in the most recent issue, the photographs by Wayne Levin caught my eye. Levin does underwater photography, mostly of sea life: sharks, whales, fish, sunken ships, etc. and occasionally even synchronized swimmers. I, like many people, have a bad habit of flipping through magazines backwards. So not knowing what … Continue reading Living Clouds

The Imagination of Studiospooky

While searching for something to write about, few things caught my eye. It was important to find something first-post worthy. Rummaging through a sea of vectors, product design, and typography, it was basically the same thing over and over again. Helvetica everywhere. When all hope was lost I was linked to Studiospooky’s automatic drawings, a … Continue reading The Imagination of Studiospooky