Patrik Bundeli is saving the balls!

The humorous name is not simply an attempt at something vulgar. Save the balls! is a project created by Patrik Bundeli with a very interesting concept. It seems that these creative pieces developed out of a determination to quit smoking. Each ball representing one instance in which he had the urge to pick up a … Continue reading Patrik Bundeli is saving the balls!

Incredible Illustrations by Irina Vinnik

The divine images here hold a similar quality to old illuminated texts in beauty and detail. Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, artist Irina Vinnik is the creator, with a strong body of work that shows her unique range of subjects. Below are some examples. More of her work is available for view on her Behance … Continue reading Incredible Illustrations by Irina Vinnik

Microbo: Microbiology in Art

An exciting find, these paintings are from the artist known as Microbo and a collection of microbe inspired paintings and sketches. As so wonderfully described by Harlan Levey from Modart Magazine: “Recognized for her sensitive visual language, Microbo’s original aesthetic universe has risen her to a role where she is perceived as an early and … Continue reading Microbo: Microbiology in Art