New Music – Darin Bennett and the Requiem

Rock, Soul, Blues and a Banjo! If you enjoy anyone of those genre’s your going to love this band! Darin Bennett and the Requiem have this really great old school earthy tone. The kind of tone that is reminiscent of crossing LA with the Deep South. Holdin’ Me is a music video directed by Andrew Cochrane. The … Continue reading New Music – Darin Bennett and the Requiem

BlueBrain – A Surreal Motion Graphic Adventure – Gabe Askew

Ten by Ten is a music video from the band Bluebrain. This surrealist motion graphic piece animated and directed by Gabe Askew praises the indestructible nature of man. The work itself uses pictures and images such as hammers, boats, and the idiot sharks that come along as a way to communicate the perseverance man has in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

Gotye – Music in Motion

I have a confession to make…I might have a minor obsession with Gotye at the moment(as well as Kimbra, but that one is not completely musical).  Gotye uses an extreme variety of styles in their music video compilations; from stop motion, animation, and motion graphics. Their music also expresses the same variety! If you haven’t … Continue reading Gotye – Music in Motion

VIEW Awards Contest – Finally prove you’re good at art

Your Shot at the 2012 VIEW AWARD Contest The 2012 VIEW AWARD’s are ready to come out in full! Breaking free from its international tradition, the 2012 VIEW AWARD’s are opening up their doors to new themes, subjects, and a wider audience of contestants! Now, I am sure you are wondering about the 2012 VIEW … Continue reading VIEW Awards Contest – Finally prove you’re good at art