The Imagination of Studiospooky

While searching for something to write about, few things caught my eye. It was important to find something first-post worthy. Rummaging through a sea of vectors, product design, and typography, it was basically the same thing over and over again. Helvetica everywhere. When all hope was lost I was linked to Studiospooky’s automatic drawings, a breath of fresh air after emerging from the chaotic funhouse of “design trends”.

The artist, whose name is unknown, creates detailed large (and small) scale automatic drawings. All of it or at least what I’ve seen, is done by hand, and from looking at the result, the process of creating a large scale illustration of this kind must be painstaking. Whatever the amount of time and patience put into each piece, the result is definitely, for a lack of a better word at the moment, “awesome”.

Among his own creations, he has commissioned work as well, and I should mention that not all his work is automatic drawings. He does have digital work too, and work that combines the digital and traditional, the the Diamond of Drury Lane book cover. To explore more amazing work you go to Studiospooky.

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