Patrik Bundeli is saving the balls!

The humorous name is not simply an attempt at something vulgar. Save the balls! is a project created by Patrik Bundeli with a very interesting concept. It seems that these creative pieces developed out of a determination to quit smoking. Each ball representing one instance in which he had the urge to pick up a cigarette. It actually sounds like a really smart way to quit smoking. And of course this developed into a project of saving those poor overly abused ping pong balls:

Initiated by 2much for the first time in 2008 the project “save the balls” is meant to provide a violence free and safe shelter for abused ping pong balls. Month after month, millions and millions of those poor balls are cruely abused by hard beatings from the ping pong-racket and some balls have to endure gruesome smash-beats with up to 170 km/h, which deforms the ball up to 25% percent of its original size.

2much is dedicated to stop this unnecessary violence and begs you not to look the other way! Every ball bought from 2much is one more ball in safety.

~Project description from Patrik Bundeli on Behance




These images and more are available from Patrik Bundeli’s portfolio on Behance:

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