Oil Paintings by Austrailian Artist James Hondros

Oil painting isn’t as highly prized as it once was. A large number of people have opted to use Wacom tablets and computer aided drawing programs instead of traditional mediums. Whenever We do our best when it comes to featuring emerging artists that still practice in traditional mediums. Today I’d like to introduce you to Australian artist, James Hondros. The first thing that struck me about Hondros’ work is that he is first and foremost, a commercial artist. Don’t let that fool you, his work is by no means “selling out”. His work manages to bring together inner and outer realities in order to express rich experiences through canvas; it’s easy to see this in his Expression series:


With his landscape paintings, as with any of his other work, you’ll be hard pressed to find the focal point of the image. Hondros takes us on a journey through the entire painting while making a conscious choice to not emphasize any particular part of the painting.


“He attempts a form of synthesis by bringing together heterogeneous components such as information, emotionality and ambition in the process of his subject selection and choice of colour.”

His commercial work is tailored to the environment it will be displayed in. Like any great artist, he does not only think about the work itself, but how people will view in a restaurant, bank, gallery, or a private home.

If you are interested in learning more about James Hondros, you can visit his online portfolio here.

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