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Transparency by Gaia Alari – Whoah

Kinda trippy, kinda spooky, Gaia Alari’s work is what Horyon Lee could have been had they not chosen to dedicate their life to bullshit. Evocative, thoughtful and warm even despite her muted colours, her work is both beautiful and feminine without trying to encapsulate what it is to be a woman. Gaia is one of those self-taught artists popping out of the woodwork to put professionals to shame. She uses mixed media on papers to create surreal, beautiful, expressive overlapping images that resonate with her audience in a way that a photo manipulation never could. How she does this with pencils on a single layer, I’ll never comprehend.

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Zola Paulse

Zola Paulse

Zola Paulse is a jack-of-all-trades from Lancashire, England. She enjoys art, physics and astronomy, chain smoking and speaking about herself in third person.