Illustrator Kamila Stankiewicz

When I was asked to pick the Artist of the Day, many, many days ago, I immediately thought of Kamila Stankiewicz as an artist whose style stands out amongst the many artists I’ve browsed over the years.

Five years ago I stumbled across one of her images online and was immediately hooked on her heavy, bold style and contrasting colours. Over the years her artwork has become much more delicate but hasn’t lost any of her imaginative flair. Being able to follow her improvement as it gradually evolved into the dreamy, surrealist pieces she presents today has been both fascinating and enjoyable.

Stankiewicz paints with such movement that you can’t help but walk along each sweeping line around the entire picture and her use of soft pastel colours leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. She paints candy and syrup. It’s the kind of artwork that will brighten up your day. Something about her work is warm and rich and there is a genuine affection for her characters which shines through. You can just tell she enjoys painting them as much as you will looking at them.

Kamila Stankiewicz is a freelance illustrator from Poland, Skiemiewice. You can find more of her images here:
Portfolio :
Art Blog:

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