No. Closer.

Artist Spotlight – Paul Grant


Being relatively new to the world’s showcase, Paul Grant probably doesn’t get as much love as he deserves. It’s only since May of this year that he has made the transition from art as a hobby to a profession. I expect this to change pretty soon though.

I was first introduced to his work recently on deviantART, mistaking the thumbnail of his fan-art ‘Watching Over You’ for another run-of-the-mill digital art piece. I had to check the category several times before I realised that I was looking at an acrylic painting.

Well, traditional artwork isn’t that hard to come by. Traditional sci-fi pieces, however, are quite rare.

“It’s even better to be able to work on sci-fi related artwork though, and even better again if it’s game related . . . Just being on deviantART has amazed me at how much great game art there is out there. It also struck me at how little of it is created using older methods of art such as painting and pencil work.”

I approached his work with a mixture of curiosity and novelty, but was drawn further in by the quality and effort his paintings exude. With almost invisible brush strokes he adds in the smallest details, creating beautiful textures and depth and the subtle changes in skin tone and ambient reflections will leave you staring covetously at the foreground. The backgrounds aren’t lacking either. Grant fills up every part of his canvas with something wonderful to look at. This certainly warrants a closer look.

No. Closer.
No. Closer.

When I expressed my awe of his acrylic skills, loudly and with caps lock, he replied:

“It’s funny that I’m in awe of digital painters for the same reason. The lighting and lines are so crisp and defined, so smooth.”

It’s easy to see the influence digital art has had on Grant’s work, evident in his use of sharp, bold lighting and glossy highlights. It’s not often I’m treated to a piece of traditional artwork that uses this mixture of style and medium. Any wall would be lucky to wear it.

His work is rich, full of life and utterly fantastic. And I’m totally jealous.

Paul Grant, 33, is a self-taught artist from Suffolk, England.
You can visit his website here:
or here:

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