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Artist Spotlight: Meet Belgian Painter Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent is a self-taught artist from Belgium, who has been practicing his craft since 1989. After experimenting with watercolours he decided that his preferred paint medium was oil colours, and has since been using both to create the striking visual pieces that have been displayed in numerous galleries across Europe.

His artwork is not gentle or soothing.
It will not calm your soul, but it will pull you in.

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Ledent’s talent lies in his ability to evoke a harsh, conflicting response from his audience. His paintings are bleak, desolate and ugly, in a fervent and beautiful way. They are dramatic and they are painful. Even his warm colours and peaceful landscapes are seared with an unsettling sense of unreality. Each of his unique paintings emits a bold and dramatic statement.


He takes inspiration from the iconic post-impressionist Van Gogh, whose influence is seen in much of his work. Ledent’s pieces range from traditional landscapes and figures to abstract paintings.

Combining contrasting palettes, he cuts through murky, brooding backgrounds with vivid neon colours, creating visually interesting pieces of artwork that would become a focal point in any setting.


Much of Pol Ledent’s work is available for purchase on completion, and knowing that each piece is distinctive and original, would make it a unique treasure for any prospective art appreciator.

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