Tabula Rasa by Marcin Szpak / Photography Set Design Inspiration

When you think of set design, rarely do you automatically think “photography” and not “cinematography”. In fact, you would likely associate set design with plays and musicals before thinking about a photographer setting up a three dimensional scene for pictures. London photographer Marcin Szpak has clearly mastered the art of creating a scene and it shows in his new project entitled Tabula Rasa

Marcin Szpak Photography

The mind is an empty tank, illuminated only by the light that falls outside.

Marcin Szpak

Tabula Rasa is impressive on a technical level – Marcin has used simple materials to create a complex scene illuminating the ideas in his head. This, combined with his talent for proper photographic lighting techniques only adds more depth and character to the scene.

London Photography

I am very familiar with the concept of Tabula Rasa, it is the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception. When translated from the only language I know besides English (Latin) it means ‘Blank Slate’. His project captures what feels like a universe that is empty, but not desolate. The building blocks for the mind are there, they just have not been put together yet. The viewer is left waiting for something, some catalyst, to spark life and paint the canvas that is the mind.

Set Design

We’re a big fan of Marcin, so we encourage you to head over to his Facebook page to see more of his work.

Marcin’s Contact Info

Phone: +48 511 108 058
Email: [email protected]

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